Monday, June 04, 2007


Dusting of new snow

Dusting of new snow, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Taken near the Rocky Mountain Front in north central Montana.

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Isn't it neat how a wee bit of snow brings out so many details? Have you seen the Lewis and Clark IMAX movie? THey were able to film it without any manmade features(fences, roads, powerlines or even rotten cabins)shown. THe coolest part was when they discovered buffalo(the stomach felt it first). And the flower below is lovely too. Happy day!
Your photos are so stunning. I mean, I know Montana looks like this. But your talent as a photographer, framed by gentle words and a sense of personal experience and response really bring it to life for me.
A beautiful spot to discover! I've been looking at your photos and reading your words and am so glad you wandered to my site and left a note so I could follow you back here!
A stunning photo, a sugar coated mountain. I like the motion in it, the sweep of the land and cloud shadow.
Thank you so much, all!

wyldthang, I haven't seen the L&C IMAX movie - didn't know there was one, despite being a complete L&C freak. So thank you for the tip!

Jean, your words mean a great deal to me. I appreciate your encouragement.

Pauline, I think we have much in common. Thank you.

Pam, so glad you like this. I thought of you often as I was traveling through this country.
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