Saturday, January 14, 2006


Shining mountain

Shining mountain, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

If you've had a chance to spend time on this blog, you probably know how I love to explore the land around my home town. Look at the interplay of clouds and sunlight on this crisp winter day. The way the brown hills swell and roll into the blue mountains, with the peaks rising triumphantly above it all...this vision is always in my mind's eye. The symmetry of the elegant Sleeping Woman Peak was with me throughout my childhood - gazing across the valley, climbing up and down a mountainside to get to school, riding my horse, preparing to leave Missoula at 17 to go off to school in Chicago.

It's still a point of reference for me, though I've lived elsewhere for many years and am grateful now to spend time with my family in a sweet green valley in southwestern Wisconsin. Encounters with serious health issues in our immediate family have just deepened the appreciation for those places where I am privileged to be.

Sweet green valley, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

The contrast between the two images you share here is amazing, yet I still can see the connections. Your heart is one of those connections. The love you hold for these two places is another. The way you think of them both in the same breath is a third.

Sleeping Woman Peak - gorgeous and what a great image, so feminine, so voluptuous, definitely a sleeping woman. That you keep Sleeping Woman as a point of reference in your life rather than giving it the center-stage ... speaks to the way you can really be present wherever you are. And right now, I guess that means Wisconsin, with your family, caring for them, for yourself. And loving where you are.

That green, green valley is truly sweet - perfect descriptive word for that place. thanks for these pics, E.
Thank you for such an eloquent response, M. These scenes are so different, each with its own soul and beauty. And I do love them both.
back again to read your writing, look upon these two beautiful photos of two of your favorite places, and just meditate on the sense of Place you instill in your life and your blog and your photography, E.
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