Thursday, May 31, 2007


Glowing peaks and green, green valleys

Glowing peaks and green valleys, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.
Taken along the Rocky Mountain Front south of Augusta, Montana.

"As we passed on, it seemed as if those scenes of enchantment would never have an end."

This was Meriwether Lewis describing the white cliffs of the Missouri River. As we explored Missouri River country in the past week, his words kept coming to my mind.

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Oh, wow! No wonder you love it, miss it, and can't wait to get back.
looks like the wind is blowing the snow off those peaks. The Rocky Mountain Front ... one of the most magical and sacred places on Earth and my most favorite 1000% most favorite place on the planet. What were you doing up there by Augusta? Did you make it to Heart Butte or the Milk River?
wrenaissancewoman - yes, can't stay away!

M - we have to talk about the Rocky Mountain Front. I've not been in that area since I was a kid. Magical and sacred is right; I couldn't believe the majesty and drama of the plains rolling out of the mountains.

Our destination was Fort Benton, where we stayed two nights. We wanted to see the Missouri River. We didn't get to Heart Butte or the Milk River, but now I want to go back to this area. It was a great trip!
So beautiful, it doesn't seem quite real. Maureen is right, it's magical.
Simply breathtaking!
way cool light thang going on on the mountains and wispy clouds!!
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