Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Garden of the gods

Garden of the gods, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Taken in western Montana's Swan Valley.

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we want to visit montana and never seem to know when a good time is to go. i hear it is hot in summer (and i detest the high temps). also heard that with late snowfalls you can't get through higher elevatiosn there until the end of may or early june! one friend says it is the prettiest of all the states she has visited except alaska, and she has seen them all except hawaii. hard to imagine it being prettier than washington or maine or new hampshire, but we will see - if we can ever decide when to go! :))
Isn't it marvelous to see bright blue sky instead of smoke this summer? I hope you enjoyed your time here immensely. We paddled on Lake Alva and Salmon Lake a couple weeks ago with our kids. Other than the wind and jet skis the water was perfect. Blessings to you.
sky, it is a beautiful state indeed. Any time is a good time to go - there are limitations to each season when you have such varied, rugged topography (at least in the western half of the state.)
quiet paths, I think it's just wonderful how you are exploring different corners of your world. I love reading about your adventures on your blog.
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