Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Somewhere it's spring: ranunculus

Taken in Ashland, Oregon.

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The past few days here, it's been almost like summer!
Kievas, you're right - when I started this series we were still having blustery weather, but now my tulips are begging to be photographed!

This is hurting my eyes. We've had no sun and this photo is about the closest I'll get to it today. Thank you! Gorgeous. BTW: I think it's SO neat about Camp Marshall. Can we meet for lunch this summer in MSLA? *grin*
quiet paths, I'd love to have lunch with you in Msla! How delightful! What you don't know is that I've known you much longer than you've known me; I have your From Montana to the Sea CD and plan to obtain others. That beautiful music, coming through the earphones of my iPod, was a great source of comfort to me during a difficult time last week. So I thank you.

Unless fate intervenes, I will be in Montana in May, but not in Missoula. I plan to visit Msla again in July, and I hope we can get together then.
This made my morning - I will look forward to it very much. Please email me? I guess you have my email at earthpassage but you can also use my gmail account too which is on the blog in the overhead tab.
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