Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Reflections on a lovely fall day

Thai Pavilion Reflection, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Dear Blogfriends,

Thank you so much for your concern and encouraging words (and return visits!)

I've been contending with a serious health situation that first appeared nearly four years ago. Once the treatments for the original problem were completed, there was no expectation that it would resurface. So this was one of life's interesting surprises!

It was extremely painful to put the blog on hiatus, but t'was necessary as there was no time/energy at all for photography. I have been so touched, however, to find that the number of visitors each day did not diminish at all during my absence! How wonderful you are to keep coming back!

I have given the blog a lot of thought, and have realized that I could continue posting without holding to the rigorous schedule I had previously of posting every single weekday. So I'll post periodically, as my passion for pristine places remains undimmed and I am still frequenting those spots that are magical to me.

So I've picked up the camera again, and will continue to provide offerings here and there. Thank you again for being there.

This photo was taken at the Thai Pavilion in Madison, Wisconsin's Olbrich Gardens.

How lovely to see you back, your eye for beauty undiminished. Please take good care of yourself.

Gorgeous picture.
I'm glad to see you back and will continue to visit. May you find complete healing soon.
How wonderful to see you here, E. I wish you all good healing, and soon. I'm glad we'll get to see a bit of you now and then, that's great!
it was really uplifting to see a new picture!

Wonderful, E.
I am from Chile, and I am a new fan of your blog, I think is magic, you have a magic eyes, thanks for all your pictures, they are beautiful, yestarday I discovered it and I felt so fortunated to find it, so I hope your health turn better with the days,
Gracias por la Magia y Mejórate.
Hello my friends, thank you so very much for your good wishes. I appreciate them more than I can say.

Cristina, I was fortunate to spend some time in Chile a couple of years ago. What a magnificent country!
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