Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Blackfoot River

Blackfoot River, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.
Taken in the upper Blackfoot Valley, western Montana.

Another of the many dimensions of my home state: the dramatic changes of topography and terrain. These last two photos were taken less than an hour apart. The plains formations in yesterday's post rolled quickly into the climb over the Continental Divide (Rogers Pass), and soon we were dropping into the Blackfoot Valley, the magical place of my youth.

The contrasts are amazing, aren't they? I always marvel at the landscape and climate changes from one side of the divide to the other.

(BTW, I am determined to float the Blackfoot this summer!)
Patia - I hope you do get to float the Blackfoot - it's a fantastic floating river at the right time.

EO - this must be the loveliest photo I've seen of the Blackfoot in a long time. One of my favorite hangouts! I've spent days and days along this river. It still has that special "pristine" quality you're so good at documenting.
Hi Patia - floating the Blackfoot is wonderful! The place I've never been is the Alberton Gorge, so that's one of my dreams.

M, thank you so much. You and I feel the same way about the Blackfoot.
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