Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Tree on a cliff

Tree on a cliff, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.
Taken near Lodi, Wisconsin.

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I love it! It's reminiscent of Bonsai, albeit on a very large scale.
Re: yesterdays post. We are seeing it here in VT, too. The affluent come in and forever change the beauty of our mountains, which is what drew them in the first place.

Although jobs are created for some, the pay is low and the change in our tax structure, because of the homes and recreational facilities that are built, is way beyond the means of many. These poor folk, who's families have been here for so many, many years and who have wonderful histories, are forced to sell parts of, or all of their land and homes. And more of our precious forest and animal habitat fall to the machines. Why is it so difficult for them to work with the environment rather than against it? It makes me nuts.

I like the picture of the tree, in all it's weathered beauty.
I came here after seeing your comment at amba's place -- the post on Kagan's article about the war, the surge, etc. Lively discussion there!

Inspired photography you have here. It took browsing for only a few minutes to convince me that I'll be back. Come on over to my place sometime.
wrenaissancewoman - thank you - I thought of the Bonsai image as well.

Pam - in my home of western Montana, in the region where I grew up, the same phenomenon is occurring. People whose ancestors homesteaded can no longer afford to live there. It is perverse.

Winston, glad to see you. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.
I'm so glad you're saving at least memories of the beautiful places in Montana that are too quickly disappearing, Edith. This one is fantastic! I agree it looks almost like bonsai -- even more, what it reminds me of is that being in a tough-place can change one on a fundamental level, even making us more beautiful. I'm browsing the #12 Festival of Trees today, just for a bit of a break from gardening. Glad to see you are participating. I always look forward to each festival.
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