Monday, April 02, 2007


Strange sky

Strange sky, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.
Taken in Madison, Wisconsin.

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The sky looks like it's been painted in sweeping strokes. Stunning photo and very surreal.

Do you mind if I try to use this in my art? Credit given to the photographer, of course.
Pam I would be honored to have you use the photo. You can get a larger size by clicking through to Flickr, where the original is stored.
Wow. Such arresting turbulence. It looks alive! And what a contrast to your serene study in grey and blue below.
incredible, EO! the sky looks like mercury, or like it's boiling. gorgeous
Awesome clouds!! It really does show how they are made of water, and behave like water in slow motion(waves, ripples, currents). DId you get a nice storm out of it, or just a "pepto bismol sky"? Celeste
WOW! that is so amazing! I have never seen anything like that before in my life (all 27 years of it!).
You have made my day! Thank you for sharing it.

Badger x
Excellent shot! Powerful weather rolling in?
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