Friday, February 02, 2007


On the move...

I'll be away from any possibility of an Internet connection for the next week to ten days - hiking in the canyon country of northern Arizona. I fell in love with the desert a couple of years ago (here I am rounding a cliff corner and checking out the precipitous drop below!) I am very excited to be going back. Regular readers of this blog know that I love bumpy topography, and after this trip I hope to post some crags and canyons that are very different from what you usually see here. See you soon...

HI! Blessings for a great trip! I love Arizona in the winter. Can't wait to see your pix! En-joy! Celeste (
E, have a wonderful trip! Bring us back some gorge-ous bumpy photos!
EO, bring back lots of your trademark gorgeousity from the canyonlands. Good luck and safe trip and ENJOY!
Thank you all! I have just picked up these messages and am delighted to be back. What a great trip!
i'm glad you're back, EO. I missed you.
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