Monday, February 12, 2007


Horseshoe Bend in Marble Canyon

Horseshoe Bend in Marble Canyon, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.
Taken on the Colorado River just below Lake Powell in northern Arizona.

I'm back! More bumps, wrinkles, crags, and strange formations coming up...

Oh, wow! I love the southwest and this is gorgeous!
The Grand Canyon is so ... well ... so grand. That's an amazing shot, E. almost looks like a wide angle lens -- is that what you were using? The colors are outrageously beautiful. So intense.
great shot, gives you a wonderful sense of space and no-space. Can't wait to see more! (thanks for visiting!) Celeste (dz's whistle)
Thank you so much, my friends! Maureen, yes it is a lens with a wide range - 18-200. I like its versatility.
what fantastic photo's
good one for Textured on PhotoFriday today, EO. I'm glad you made the link all-caps because (at least for now) that's my main way of finding yours (and mine) (until everybody else has the same idea. heheh)
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