Thursday, January 11, 2007


Sunup on the hilltops

Sunup on the hilltops, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Taken in Iowa County, Wisconsin.

improbably pink,
first light steals over hilltops --
the daily miracle

Pam, thank you so much for your kind comment on the photo below. I just wanted you to know that I had to re-post the photo, as the first post was not successful due to technicalities beyond my ken. In re-posting, I lost your comment, and I didn't want you to think I had deleted it!
Ah, the first glint of sun on the tree tops. I've seen and loved that morning pink.
Wonderful Photos . Do you live amidst this wilderness?
Thank you both for your visit. Susan, this is the front porch view of our place in Wisconsin. It's tucked in the hills in the southwestern part of the state.
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