Friday, January 05, 2007


Front porch view into paradise

Front porch view into paradise, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.
Taken near Missoula, Montana.

This is the view from YOUR front porch? Okay, I'm just flat out jealous!
Now that's a fine front porch view! Lucky you!
Wow! What a wonderful, stunning view you have! It's really a privilege! Your photos are just beautiful and I love your blog! I am glad you found me!

Thanks for your visit and compliments!

I hope you have a Happy 2007!
Oh my goodness - I need to let you know that this actually isn't my own porch view. This is my cousin's place, where I often stay when I am home in Montana. I should have thought about the potential confusion when I posted this.
This is gorgeous. One day I must live near mountains.
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