Saturday, December 16, 2006


Thanks are due...

I want to thank Wulfgar for hosting the Montana Weblog Awards again this year.

The Montana blogosphere is truly vibrant, with new blogs coming online all the time. What Wulfgar has done by establishing this program is to bring fresh perspectives to the fore so that new voices can be heard. It is much appreciated, as I love to see what people are doing and thinking in every corner of my beloved home state.

Thank you, Wulfgar, for your painstaking process in soliciting nominations and setting up this whole program. Very time-consuming!! Also, your blog is one of my delights.

As well, I'd like to thank those anonymous souls who nominated B&B for the Montana Weblog "Best Photography" award. Truly, I appreciate your appreciation! It is a great joy to be able to share photos of the places I love most.

And now, back to our usual programming:

Lolo Peak

"And now back to our usual programming". LOL
Lovely tribute and, as always, beautiful picture.
ohhhhhhhhh, that's gorgeous. Looks as cold as the air feels outside today. the wind is blowing like the devil on a big horn today! I think that storm from Seattle is headed our way. I posted about the Montana Blog awards today, too, E. Thanks for your nomination for my blogs- I'm sure it was you!
Pam, thanks much!

M, t'was indeed!
Thank you MB.
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