Saturday, November 25, 2006


Winter comes to northern Montana

brooding and bleak
accepting the lonely wind
the land turns inward

Taken from a webcam shot of Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier Park.

A beautiful photo. I complain about winter, but there is a lot of beauty in it, I must admit.
Why doesn't Lake McDonald freeze like the lake at Many Glacier does? I have collection of the web cam photos (Lake McDonald) from the past few years. Lots of interesting clouds and reflections. I enjoy your photos.
The stark beauty of winter is very powerful, beautifully captured in your photo. Perfect words.
Thank you, Pam and Rhea.

Anonymous, I have always wondered this about Lake McDonald myself. I even tried to look this up on Google just now, and couldn't find anything about it. Glad you are enjoying the webcam shots also! Lotsa snow there right now.
That looks really cold!
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