Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Shadows reach the aspen trees

Shadows reach the aspen trees, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

in sudden shadow-chill
watching gleam of white aspen
I pull the coat close

Taken in Iowa County, Wisconsin

Am I right in thinking that you do not always post as you take pictures? (Or do you bounce back and forth between your locations just that quickly?)

Very evocative of this edgy time of year. Brr! Yes, pull that coat close!
Hi mb - thank you for both your comments. You're right, I don't post as I photograph. I try to post things that seem seasonally appropriate, but other than that, I enjoy leaping about geographically. That's what is so much fun about blogging, isn't it - geographical leaps, conceptual leaps - there's no one format that binds us to a particular norm.
I didn't catch on right away that you were doing that. Somehow I had assumed you were posting from where you were. Then this past week I suddenly noticed just how frequent your alternations between locales were and thought it would have to be an extraordinary job (or pleasure) that would take you back and forth that frequently! I like the way you do it. It is fun!
Thanks mb. There's a lot to be said for random inspiration, especially when I'm winding up a long career in medical/scientific writing, in which language is so highly structured. This is my chance to play a bit!
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