Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Promise of blue

Promise of blue, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

early mountain sun
burning through white misty shroud
promises bright blue

Taken in western Montana's Swan Valley.

I'm enjoying your poetry -- your simple concise words -- as much as your photography these days, E. You could do a book with these photos and short verses.
M, thank you! I so enjoy working with these simple words after all the years of writing about the biochemistry of the body. (Though I have loved this oddball career of mine.)

mb, thank you as well. It pleases me greatly to know that you both enjoy these little haiku efforts.
I agree with Maureen, what a lovely book your combination of words and photos would make.

There is something so peaceful and solitary about the misty mornings.
I love the tiny hint of blue in the mist colors. Sweeet.
Pam and Lori, many thanks for the encouraging words! So delighted to have you visiting!
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