Thursday, November 09, 2006


Heavy rain on a mountain lake

Heavy rain on a mountain lake, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

sudden angry gusts
of whirling wind and water
sweep rain in my face

Taken in western Montana's Swan Valley.

So beautiful, as are all these photos. Thanks for allowing me to see through your eyes!
Angry because of the intrusion, or because nature just has that characteristic some days? Either way beautifully recorded!!
Beth, thanks so much. I am delighted to share my world and I appreciate your visits.
Pat, this day nature really did seem angry. We were the only people around for miles and it seemed that the wind wanted to blow us right off the mountainside!
i feel cold and blustery just looking at this photo at the large size. Brrrr. It's cold here in my office anyway. Beautiful atmospheric image, though. I really like the grays - all the different shades and tones.
Thanks M - glad the feeling came through.
gorgeous in a chilly sort of way-wonderful mood!
Many thanks, bluegreen dragonfly...
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