Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Catching the rays

Catching the rays, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Taken in Madison, Wisconsin's Arboretum.

Yum. Luscious Halloween colors.
i love this photo, and also 'curious' - there is a three-dimensional effect, and the color and brightness are startling!
Beautiful shot!
Why thank you! How nice of you three!
The yellow color is fantastic! Great capture.
Thanks Dennis. I enjoy your own photography very much.
E ... do you remember when we were both trying our best to capture a similar golden splash of light in the forest? That was a little over a year ago I think. Neither of us got the photo we'd wanted... you have come so far in your photography since then.

This -- this is what I believe
we were seeing that day,
this touch of the sacred
amidst dense woodland,
light reaching down through
branches, lighting up just one
graceful dancer, or
a troupe like these,

these bowing leaves of
glimmering gold
Wow, M, it truly makes me happy when I find such a lyrical description of one of my pix. Yes, well I remember our efforts to capture golden light in the magic hour. I look forward to the next time we try this together!
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