Monday, November 13, 2006


Berries and blue

Berries and blue, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

glancing up I see
vivid red dancing on blue:
sudden joy floods my heart

Taken in Dane County, Wisconsin

Amazing what red can do! Your words catch the catch in the heart. Beautiful photos as always!
wordart, E. quiet. simple. so much you.
Thank you, MB and Maureen!
Beautiful contrast captured in word and image.
you depict the colors amazingly against the sky. Beautiful!
The second line is especially beautiful. One of those that I want to say aloud, for the feel of the words working together.
That red looks great with the blue sky and I can see why joy floods your heart.
Beautiful picture and haiku. We grew up in Dane County.
I can see that so well, I love seeing the colours of trees, berries and leaves against the blue sky.
Simply beautiful, haiku and photo complement each other perfectly :)
Lovely combination!
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