Friday, October 27, 2006


Muted delicacy

Muted delicacy, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

parchment leaves
dry skeleton branches
a muted poignant beauty

Taken in Madison, Wisconsin's Arboretum.

Interesting that you went to paper and bones — I was thinking old lace when I looked at the title and photo. But that's what's wonderful about seeing through another's eyes... they think differently than you! ;-) Wonderful!
Paper and bones is a perfectly apt thought for this photo, E. and oooooo***** that photo - it's so delicate, so subtle. I love -- love what you're doing these days photographically. That new(ish) camera of yours is getting a workout. This is SO beautiful!
Hm. I hope that my comment above doesn't come across as criticism, that isn't how it was meant at all. Only delight in seeing the world through your eyes!
mb, I didn't mean what i said as a correction of your comment. sometimes our real meanings don't come through with typed words on a computer. I agree with you 100% that one of the finest things about sharing stuff (such as photos) here... on flickr, wherever.. is that we can grow and evolve through being about to empathize with someone else's point of view. cheers!

(hi, E....)
Maureen, thanks. I didn't take your comment as correction, but it did help me realize that my comment could be interpreted in a different way than I meant it. It would make me sad if it were. I have nothing but admiration for these photos and words!
Hello my friends! Delighted to see your dialogue here!

MB, I didn't for a moment see your comment as criticism. I like to hear how another writer sees things. Please, both of you - keep commenting as the spirit moves you and I wouldn't mind if you did make suggestions. Maureen's comment a year ago about some of my photos seeming a bit dark caused me to do a very crucial exploration of color space, monitor calibration etc. This was extremely helpful because I made some important technical changes in those areas.

Thanks to both for your visits and encouraging words!
Bitterroot, I appreciate your openness. And I'm glad you didn't take things the wrong way!
still enjoying this photo. I believe it's one of my favorites of all of your photos.
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