Thursday, September 14, 2006


Small hiatus...

From above, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Just a note to say that I am taking a brief hiatus from blogging, probably until Monday. I'm in Philadelphia for a meeting, with very little time to think about my beloved bumpy topography. Being in an urban setting does, however, make me very grateful for the benign hills of Wisconsin and the brooding ranges of western Montana. It appears that the fire danger in the Swan Valley is decreasing with cooler weather, so...another point of gratitude.

I'm leaving you with a photo that is painful for me to look at. It's another "endangered species" picture. This is yet another view of a sliver of the Swan Valley in western Montana. All the land pictured and much, much more is privately owned by a timber company, which is gearing up to log and subdivide its property. On August 15, I posted a list of organizations that are dedicated to dealing with uncontrolled development. They deserve your support, as many open lands are under a great deal of development pressure.

So will we get to see some Philly shots taken with your new camera?
Lovely pictures and I hate to see beautiful land developed. It is happening all over our county in Florida and the people trying to stop are nto getting very far against the people with the money.
Hi chartreuseova - unfortunately I was immured inside hotel meeting room walls for the whole time I was there, and my inspiration for photography had ebbed away for the time being. Though I sometimes enjoy urban photography, I'm a nature girl at heart!

Kim, thank you for your empathy here. It's a wrench to see the development greed devour the wilderness that my great-great grandparents discovered.
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