Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Yes, this is a footbridge!

Yes, this is a footbridge!, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

I'm in Montana right now; took a marvelous hike that required crossing three bridges like this! The slippery surface from the continuous rain provided a dash of danger that spiced up the trip. The spring runoff is coming down in torrents due to a good snowpack in the mountains. This was taken on the trail to Glacier Lake in the Mission Mountains.

This might be a good place to use your levitation powers, E. Either that or a pair of crampons...
Very cool :)
Mliss, My levitation power was the gentle hand of my youngest son, without whose encouragement I would not have attempted this appalling slippery crossing over the raging torrent!

Leesa, Thank you!

I feel I must point out that the log was actually much longer than what the picture shows, so inching across it took quite awhile...
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