Saturday, March 25, 2006


Lush green springtime

Lush green springtime, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

I'm posting a series of seasonal extremes just help me remember that visions like this one are close at hand. Soon a delicate green mist will overtake the hills, to be followed by fresh vivid colors bursting out everywhere!

This was taken in Iowa County, Wisconsin, on our little family plot as we were inspecting spring's offerings on a warm afternoon.

I normally don't shout, E. but I have to this time ... that's GORGEOUS! spectacular color and just everything about it. Is that your handsome offspring in the pic? ;) looks a little familiar even though I've never met him in person ...
Thank you M! Seems amazing that this field will look like this very soon. Pictured here is the new dad you have seen on the other site.
ah yes, I thought so (new dad, young handsome guy ...)
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