Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Glowing blue in the evening

IMG_2821.JPG, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Upcoming photos will explore the marvelous shades of blue in waters, skies and unexpected places.

this photo is very nearly perfect if not absolutely stunningly perfect. Actually, forget it's perfection -- it's just incredibly beautiful. I love the contrast between the dark (doorway?) and the blue-blue of the hydrangea flowers. The old wood, the color of blue is so soft and clear. really nicely done, E. !!!
Thank you so much, M! It's so good to hear your comment because I very nearly didn't post this. The low light made for some grain that I just couldn't reduce, but my memory of that huge hydrangea is so sharp that I thought I'd post it just to remember the moment.
Beautiful! The blue is just vibrant :)
Thank you Leesa!
YIKES ! So gorgeous !
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