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Otherworld, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

I'm still in Montana, with a brief chance to upload pix. These were taken as we climbed Mt. Daniel in back of the ranch. We started our hike shrouded in fog, but as we gained elevation, glimpses like this [above] appeared. We finally emerged into blinding sunlight, mountaintops agleam with fresh snow. In the valley below, the fog remained and folks in town thought it was just another gray day [below].

Floating peaks, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Beautiful country! You might enjoy my animal photos on my 2 blogs.
Great photos!
both photos absolutely beautiful and both places (down low/ up high) full of power and beauty. I'm glad you took your camera on that hike, E.
Thanks to all! It was quite an experience to watch that fog rolling around below us.
Hi Edith,
Roberta shared your blog with me...the pictures are wonderful! Maybe you know of this book: Mountain Light by Galen Roswell. I bought it many years ago, enthralled by the beauty of his images.

You can see cover at:

Here are some reviews:

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
The viewer's first reaction to these photographs (part of a traveling exhibit) is awethey are sheer magic. Rowell, author of In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods and Mountains of the Middle Kingdom, is perhaps the leading photojournalist of our time; he is arguably the foremost wilderness photographer. The text is partly autobiographical but focuses on Rowell's perception of photography as art and his technique of taking pictures. Accompanying each photograph of mountains in China, California, Alaska, Pakistan, Tibet, etc., is a brief essay describing how it was composed and shot (including technical data). This is a gem, the perfect gift for camera buffs, nature lovers, virtually anybody. 20,000 first printing; $35,000 ad/promo; Nature Book Society Book Club featured alternate; author tour.
Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal
Rowell ( Mountains of the Middle Kingdom ) is preeminent among photographers of mountains. His creations carry extraordinary visual impact: the affinity for light that marks his personal vision is supported by superb technical achievement. His abilities as a climber have allowed access to some of the world's most remote landscapes. This book presents 80 of Rowell's favorite photographs, grouped according to instructive similarities ("Light Against Light," "Integrated Vision," etc.). Accompanying descriptions cover not only technical data but the circumstances which surrounded the making of the image. The quality of reproduction is in keeping with the high Sierra Club standards. Necessary for serious photography collections. Jim Heckel, Lewis & Clark Lib., Helena, Mont.
Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Best to you and Terry,
See you sometime,
Michael, thank you so much for the referral. I have already ordered the book from I'm soaking in info on landscape photography as fast as I can...
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