Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Thanks to faithful readers...

I was completely flabbergasted today to visit some of my favorite Montana blogs and find that "Bitterroot and Bergamot" had tied for first place (with "Thoughts from the Middle of Nowhere") for Best Website for Montana Photos.

To those faithful readers who cast a vote for this humble blog, thank you! I am truly honored even to have been noticed at all. I started this site last April as a way to capture places and experiences that have been personally meaningful, and have made some wonderful friends along the way. Particular thanks go to MontanaRaven and karbonkountymoos for your encouragement as I took those first timid steps into cyberspace.

I feel a kinship with my readers, as my Statcounter program tells me generally what regions of the country you all are from. There are some faithful daily viewers that I greet with pleasure each afternoon (hello Houston, hello Yakima, hello Missoula, etc.) Though I've never seen your face or heard your voice, your regular visits inspire me to keep plugging away with the photography.

The Montana blogosphere is a marvelous place, and I look forward to my own visits to my favorite sites. David at the Big Sky Blog keeps a comprehensive updated list of Montana bloggers if you are interested.

Wahooo - congratulations, E. Your blog photos deserve even more recognition than you've been getting. Someday I'll be able to say "I knew her when she was just a newbie blogLady ..." Tadah! That's so cool. Being one of your regulars, though not a regular commenter ... I always always look at your blog ... and I remember with pleasure, our meetup. okay, I look forward to seeing even better photos.
your friend, M
Thanks, have been one of my greatest sources of encouragement, and I'm really grateful.
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