Friday, November 25, 2005


The other side of the Missions

Mission Mountains, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

On November 22, I posted a shot of the Mission Mountains as seen from the east side, in the Swan Valley. Here is the west face of the Missions, in a shot taken in the Flathead Valley in western Montana. The sheer granite wall of this magnificent range rises up from the valley floor with startling suddenness. View this in a large version (see instructions at left) to see the ridiculously diminutive human settlement in the shadow of these peaks.

Makes you wonder what our forefathers and mothers thought and said when confronted with this challenge to their western journey. "Holy cow!" seems inadequate.
Hi Nancy! Glad to see you here! I often wonder about the Baron O'Keefe and what he saw to make him drop off the Mullan road crew and build a sod hut to live all sole alone (at least until he met the lovely Anna.)
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