Sunday, November 06, 2005


History carved in stone: Cluny Museum, Paris

Cluny Museum, Paris, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

I know my enthusiasm for historical places, be they the ancient trails of the Salish Indians or the strongholds of the Benedictine monks, is all due to my dad, who filled my youth with the stories of the land where I grew up. Following in his footsteps in so many ways, I love to delve below the surface of a place.

As part of our texture perspective, here indeed is history carved in stone. According to the site linked above..."what is now the Cluny Museum in Paris was the property of the Abbey of Cluny in Burgundy...on it Abott Jacques d'Ambroise had a building constructed (between 1485 and 1498) to accommodate the Benedictine monks who came from Cluny to visit the capital.

The Chapel, the ancient oratory of the abbots, is the most famous room. It has a single pillar in the center, from which the ribs of the vault fan out. Along the walls are a series of niches standing on consoles containing the statues of the d'Amboise family."

The intricate tracery of the stone ceiling vaults is unlike anything I've ever seen. This is a relatively small room, and its effect is overwhelming. Again, wondrous!

Wow! gorgeous -- you're getting really good at Photoshop(I'm assuming that, correct me if I'm wrong) E - you've taken a shot that makes the "relatively small room" feel massive, powerful yet elegantly ornamented. I love the tones in this photo - at first I'd say it looks "creamy" but that doesn't fit with the stone ...
Hi M...thank you much! Altho I do try to bring out a photo's original colors in PS in some pix, this one came like this straight from the camera. Every now and again...
well, it's lovely straight from the camera, then. Almost like a sepia there is so little "color."

I'm working on printing the invitations to Tim's show just now -- one at a time, takes a LONG time ... so I'm browsing around on your blog while I wait for the prints. la-dee-dah ...
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