Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Baubles, bangles, and...

Paris shop, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

I have a few more photos of France that I want to share while continuing to think about texture. My eye was captured here by complexity and dimension of a very different nature from the rural and mountain scenes that are so close to my heart. This is a passing glimpse through a shop window in the Marais district of Paris. For a split second in time, I was 10 years old again - my nose pressed against the window, entranced by the lighting, the ambience, and the arrangements. A veritable kaleidoscope!

E, for a shot taken through a glass window, this is great. I don't even mind the warm tones ... the color really lends richness (figuratively and literally) to this image. I'd love to be IN that shop -- with you and our cameras ... do you think that would be acceptable in Paris? Like it was in Mizzoo?
Thanks M...actually I popped into quite a few places in Paris with my camera. They are really quite gracious about the tourists!
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