Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Sunglow and rainclouds on a Sunday

Sunday was one of those dreary drizzly days in Wisconsin when you can feel quite virtuous about staying in by the fire on a lazy afternoon. Something (guilt over sloth) drew me outside as the sun was setting. I took a good brisk hike and came round a corner to see these hills.

Suddenly, just for a few moments, the clouds opened just enough to bathe the earth in these splendid colors. The effect was like a spotlight swinging over the landscape. Then the lowering clouds rolled in, the colors faded, and the rain gave me a good soaking. It was another moment when everything came together at the right time. I was really quite awestruck that I was the only person present for this elaborate production.

i'm a new yorker who grew up in wisconsin, and was missing it on this first day of autumn - stumbled on your blo. these pictures are so beautiful. i know how we go through our 'blog' phase so i won't pester you as to why you stopped posting these, but you have an incredible eye and skill with the camera. do you have another website where i could see more of your work? thanks for this. best, jt
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