Thursday, October 13, 2005


Letting in the light

Letting in the light, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Speaking of spires, I was charmed by this tiny cupola atop a tiny house in Hot Springs, Montana. It's quirky and unique. What sort of room does it light up? And can you poke your head up inside there to peep out?

I think there is a bed up there, just big enough for a small person or an adult if you sleep curled up. So you can snuggle under the duvet when there is a rainstorm happening all around you, and thunder and you can feel cozy and warm in this great cupola. I love it!
Wow! Am I surprised to see this picture. This is my uncles house. He finished the attic and put the spire up. At first it was his office, and now its a workout room. He put a 6 by 6 post from the ground floor in the bedroom up to the attic opening with staggered pegs to climb up. Great picture. Ive been home sick and your pic has put a smile on my face.

Hi Caleb - this really is a coincidence! Thank you for writing to let us know more about the house.
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