Saturday, October 29, 2005


Hillside mosaic

Country, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Soon the show will be over and the texture of this hillside will have a very different quality, that of muted grays and bare, latticed branches. We will be able to see the structure of the forest.

E - this is gorgeous. And your writing is definitely (IMHO) loosening up. I love the style you're developing - both visual and with your words. This reminds me of some kind of heavily textured upholstery fabric, a weaving perhaps.
Thank you M! I am trying to set aside the nagging feeling that words cannot possibly do justice to these special places, and I'm trying to listen for what's really in my heart to be said.
Words may not be able to do justice to the places, E ... but your words most definitely can -- and do do justice to your experience of the places. "Keep on keepin' on, girl," I say!
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