Sunday, October 09, 2005


A forest of golden spires

A fall day in Montana, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Continuing with the spires theme, here is a wilderness valley at the foot of the Swan Range in western Montana. The golden spires here are western larch, or tamarack, which turn golden and shed their needles in the fall. Magnifique!

E - you are home by now and hopefully relaxing and looking through your photos of our adventure. I just have to say how much I enjoyed meeting up and adventuring! Tons! I haven't had time to upload my pix -- hunh! but I will in the next day or two.

I recognized this photo from the ones you showed me on your laptop - it looks much less vibrant here on your blog - is that whay you mean about Flickr desaturating your colors? Now I have something to compare to and I agree it looks faded. The element I really notice looks different is "orangeish red" branch in the lower right foreground. That hardly show up in this photo, yet in the original photo on your computer, that really sets off the rest of the scene.

gotta get back to work I finally got back online after 4 hours of ditzing around with the tech support guys. sigh.
hugs - M
Hi M ~ I had a wonderful time as well. A fabulous photo day!

Actually, the colors on this one are fairly true. I just compared the blog to the original. This was a pic I had taken with my small camera. You didn't happen to see this particular version of that scene.

Good luck with your technical probs!
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