Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dear faithful readers,

Thank you for your visits and your kind messages on my Flickr e-mail. I have made some delightful new friends through this blog and through Flickr, a most lively community of photo-loving folk.

My zeal for blogging remains unabated; however, I will be out of touch for about ten days during a rafting/camping trip in Montana. This should yield some new grist for the mill, unless the rain keeps falling so continuously I have to keep the camera under wraps. We need the moisture however to keep our forests from becoming tinderboxes, so I will willingly float along in a downpour.

I asked my cousin John, the trip leader, to ensure Internet access on the raft, but alas he could not comply. I jest, but I will be incommunicado for the duration.

Back soon!

Yours, Bitterroot


Hope that you're having a great time - we're anxious for the photos!
Thank you was a wonderful experience.
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