Monday, October 16, 2006


Cat yoga

Cat yoga, originally uploaded by Bitterroot.

Every now and then I can't resist blogging Gus. This is Gus the Galloping Goose, who rolled himself into this ridiculous position and just lay there gazing at me. He was oblivious to the indignity of his pose and enjoyed it for quite awhile before getting up and strolling away.

Thats a great pic! He looks ever so much like my Ginger boy, Frank. He gets himself into all sorts of strange positions as well.
Thank you, Quack! Apparently orange cats are quite the personality kids. Gus is the only cat I've ever known with a sense of humor.
My favorite cat was a ginger cat. This is a hilarious photo. ("the Galloping Goose"??)
Yup, we called him "the Galloping Goose" because when I first brought him home, he galloped continuously from place to place. The "goose" is just because he's so loosey goosey, as this pic shows!
Sounds like an utterly adorable cat!
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